#DEEJAYBEE: INTERVIEW: A Day With Sleek | @Sleeeking

The young talented super star who hails from Kwara State have being making waves in Nigeria.
We caught up with him and we decided to quickly ask him few questions about his musical career.

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Can we know your name??

SLEEK: My name is Akanbi Oluwasheun, popularly known as Sleek

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Where was the name ”SLEEK” coined out from??

SLEEK: The whole name is Sleek Akenz, but people get familiar with Sleek, Sleek is from Da sleek which was named by my friends and Akenz is from Akanbi

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Can your fans know you better?

SLEEK: Just like I said earlier, I am Akanbi Oluwasheun, i attended oluwaseun college, studied biology computer in college of education, ilorin, kw St, music has been something have always cherished , love singing everytime,, especially when I am doing chorus,, it strengthen me,, makes me perform well, you know when dey say, music is d food for d soul,, it is true and that’s what I would want my kind of music to be. A food for everyone, everybody would relate to.

ILORINCITYMUSIC: How many Songs have you add to ur credit & who av u work with?

SLEEK: I have some singles which have been released recently,, like WHINE IT ft k.fled, AFRICAN LADY, AFUSA ft Xoxpee and sonorous, which is now a street anthem cause i walked on a street some times back and found a kid singing Afusa ti jogede mi tan’ and it feels great, PROPER LOVE, and i’m working on more sweet,good, happy music..

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Who inspires You??

SLEEK: God is the source of my inspiration

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Did your parents support your music career in the first place?

SLEEK: No, but later they set me free

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Are you in a relationship??



SLEEK: I dnt want to go into that for nw, am inlove with my music

ILORINCITYMUSIC: How do you cope with female friends/lovers??

SLEEK: I do normal… Smile, normal thing nw boss

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Who & who would you like to feature in the industry

SLEEK: Sean Tizzle, Wizkid, D Banj, Kiss Daniel, 2face, Flavour, Many Great Artist I would love to feature.

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Where did you want to see yourself in the next 5 years??

SLEEK: five years to come..I hope the world would be listening, I hope to finally get there attention.

ILORINCITYMUSIC: Before you go send s/o to your fans, loved ones and an advice to upcoming artists.

SLEEK: Lets hustle hard, we sure gon be there one day. If we believe we can do it,we will and lets put God first.
And for my fans out there, I love you all and I won’t let you down, expect good sounds from your boy. S/o to my bro T humble,he’s always got me, s/o to shirotta, muiz tha Mandela,k- fled,whizice, Mj, s/­­o to young tee, Rhitobeatz, dtb entertainment,Prince Mko and Hto of midland fm, young kas, A.t.c.. M sorry if youre not included, you in my hrt…Jah bless


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