#DEEJAYBEE: Roiea Biography, Profile & Life History Of (Ugwuadu Emmanuel Chima)

Roiea(Ugwuadu Emmanuel Chima) is a performing and recording artiste.Roiea was born in lagos nigeria,on the 23rd of December 1988,,, to the family of Mr. And Mrs. Celestine Ugwuadu and he attended Eric Moore High School, Surulere ,Lagos, Nigeria, He hails from IMO state.(L.G.A) Ngor Okpala
He is a versatile artiste, he raps ,He sings,,,He started music professionally in 2004 ,right from his secondary school, and recorded his first two songs titled “Suffer” & “Ewa jo” in 2004, music for him,is his calling and he so much believe in the power of his music to reach out to the world…He has recorded a lot of songs whose history cannot be traced,,,He has performed on big stage with top artistes local and international. In 2007,He set up a record label calledKaprisound Entertainnment,
In 2010, He shot his first musical video titled “Believe in Naija”, In 2012, He shot another musical video titled “Ko Kan Aye” under the platform of kaprisound entertainment,,,his style of music can be described asAFRO POP,according to him,he said music is his way of life and cannot be change by any man.

Meaning Of Roiea

“Roiea” means He who believes in the realities of life, also an acronym for
a_ability => Roiea

Pronounce like this =>Roy-e
Spell like this =>Roiea
Roiea means “Reality”
Actually existing; Not counterfeit or assumed; True; Genuine; Sincere; Authentic; Pertaining to things fixed.
Whatever is hidden away, must be brought out into the open, and whatever is covered up, must be found and brought to light (Luke 8:17)

Divinity Of Roiea
whatever I say,must come to reality;be it positive or negative, whether they believe it or not,,,my music is a spirit, and must not be toy with………….
Producer He Has Worked With
AB ogosi (God Father) was the producer he first worked with in the year 2004,,, at Hit Squad Studio (TIMBERLAND) on the hit track titled “Suffer” & “Ewa jo“, He also Recorded with G-Sound Studio (collins G) which an album was supposed to be released in2007/2008which flopped on the line, this left A Big Question on the Minds of the people COULD THAT BE THE END OF HIS CAREER ??? then in 2010 he bounced back with Another Hit Track Titled “BELIEVE IN NAIJA” prod. by Good Boy, seeing the massive support & love from his fans, He shot the video later that same year.The journey still continues, In 2012 he released a song that took over the street titled “ko kan aye” he also shot a video for the song,the song actually crowned him“Ko Kan Aye Master” Due to tight schedule of show performance and Event Touring Time flewed by just like the saying they say time flies when you are having fun. 2015 has been a year of Hardworking which he dropped some tracks like “keresi”, prod. by Jiggy Jegg “jump up up”, “Man Wey Sabi”, “Jehovah” prod. by Dozie Mix, respectively and the last track for the year is “Kondo”watch out !!!

What Next

As Quoted By him “Every Dog has a Day, Well i believe my day would come where i’d be celebrated in the Nigeria Music Industry, working with top artiste home and away,promoting the up and coming artiste, impacting and taking the industry to the next level.


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